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Chris Wright 

BOD Member since 1995  Business Resilience Specialist
Los Angeles, CA

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Los Angeles, CA
BOD Member since 1995
Business Resilience Specialist
555 West 5th Street
Suite 2600
Los Angeles, CA 90013-1010

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Business Resilience Specialist, Deloitte


Companies must be able to effectively respond to, manage and recover from incidents that impact their people and/or business operations, especially their critical business processes. Board of Directors expect it. Shareholders expect it. Regulators expect it.

With over 30 years of business continuity, crisis and emergency management program management experience, I am a results-oriented professional that brings extensive hands on experience in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical (Amgen Inc.), financial (First Interstate Bank and Gibraltar Savings) and entertainment (Warner Bros. Studios).

Establishment of standards for program activities including business impact analysis, plan content that is usable in time of actual impact and training/exercise programs that truly prepare individuals and teams to fill their roles and effectively address the needs of a crisis are the areas of focus that I like to focus on. I have excellent communications skills and proven ability in collaborating with all levels of stakeholders including executive management, business unit leaders, staff members, vendors, regulators and auditors.

In addition to day to day program management, I have a proven ability to execute well under pressure and have been directly involved in managing (in the US and abroad) numerous major crises such as 9/11, emerging health risks, system/application outages and natural disasters (brush fires, earthquakes, severe snow/ice storms, and hurricanes).